Winner-Net was founded with the intention of marrying online capabilities with offline activities to help those selling collectively or alone to achieve greater effectiveness. Since our first projects back in 1999, web possibilities have grown massively, yet sales figures have not quite matched them. We aim to redress this imbalance where any of our four main types of project can bring results:

Sales Call Recording

A salesperson leaves a customer’s office after finishing their visit. They phone us up. They tell us what happened. We type it all up. And then we’ll put the intel into any system required. The benefits we’ve experienced include more vital sales data captured, more accurate forecasting, more time freed up for pure selling, and more focus on genuine sales progress.

Sales Reporting Systems

A salesteam prefers using their own in-house spreadsheet or document to record sales activity. We take this document and transform it into its own unique online application. The benefits include a bespoke reporting system at only a nominal fee which alone can dramatically increase input. This also improves management reporting, reduces salesperson keystroke time, and makes intended deal actions more likely to follow. When moulded with our Sales Call Recording capability, this can provide a world-class selling environment.

Sales Knowledge Management

Best practice exists throughout salesteams. By proactively uncovering where it occurs for any given specific new selling initiative, and then instantly spreading it throughout the whole team (all without any extra time or effort requirement on the salespeople at all) we significantly increase the rate at which success flows.

New Product Momentum

Short-term programmes aimed specifically at ensuring a new (or as is often the case, recently-launched) product makes the initial sales and market share that were planned for it. The benefits are primarily that we uniquely enable sales to take off.

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