Money is made from winner-net solutions. Our customers both save and create time, whilst selling more at higher margins. Here’s initial snippets showing the regard for winner-net inside our clients:

Realising a prospect was keen on their specific sector understanding from its potential new supplier, one express parcel carrier salesperson used his winner-net to identify recently won customers who were similar. He would not have known about these any other way. The prospect was impressed with the coverage and glowing results, and awarded a monthly contract worth £10,000.

A lack of call preparation was attributed to the fact that the manual process to achieve the desired quality for such planning was too time consuming. Often there was none done at all. We automated this for the country’s top supplier of premium doorsets to such an extent, that the preparation process was slashed from around 45 minutes to just 2.

Without any prior knowledge of selling to a new vertical territory, a salesperson from the global market leader in email security management used his winner-net to isolate the specific needs of his new audience and in his first quarter alone, managed to still exceed 100% of quota, including one huge deal £89,000.

Managers at a major service engineer had to report on KPI, forecast and sales intelligence on a weekly basis. By automating their collation routines, we could turn this into real-time reporting and also save them each week less admin time of around 4 hours.

Having repeatedly lost out to a particular competitor on ‘day one’ costs, a salesperson at the UK’s premier building management system manufacturers used his winner-net to find how lifetime costs were preferable and how to pitch their savings and benefits to a specifier/consultant, uniquely helping to win his first bid against that competitor, opening the flood gates after an initial deal of £11,000.

Tracking activity to allow management 'kpi' generation meant each sales person at a leading distribution firm was saddled with a great deal of admin, generally tackled on Friday afternoons. By automating the spreadsheet process, we sped it up siginifcantly both for those inputting data, and management pulling off reports and analysis, to such an extent, the sales people no longer 'waste' time on Friday afternoons of around 2 hours.

We supported the emergent market leading B2C parcel carrier by accelerating the ramp-up for dozens of their new salesforce, typically with little sales exposure. The impact was so great we contributed to a profits increase of £6m.
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